Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Late Easter Bunnies?

DSCF5496aWe lost the tree 2 years ago now, April 25 actually, and then we had much fewer squirrels in the yard last year. This year, a brood of what seem to be yearling - or maybe 2 year old - rabbits have moved into our yard.  Well, maybe not 'moved in,' as I think I would find out where they lived, but our yard has certainly been their playground lately.  I keep telling my wife I need a pellet gun - half-heartedly, of course - and she always exclaims her disagreement.  As long as they don't eat all the flowers that I'll buy this spring then I guess at least they give the cats something to watch.
My wife says there are four, but I have only ever seen three at a time.  I'm pretty sure this will continue until proof is presented...


delcatto said...

They must drive the cats mad. Mine are bad enough with the birds, butterflies and bees plus the occasional frog. If rabbits showed up it would be mayhem!
Enjoy your rabbits.

Scoakat said...

The cats don't seem to get too worked up most of the time, but they do love having the porch open again!