Saturday, March 4, 2017


Well, I wasn't in a very good mood my last post, was I?  It was how I was feeling at the time.  This will be a short post as my arm tends to fall asleep when I'm typing.

I had my MRI Tuesday evening.  I spent almost 30 minutes shoved into that toilet paper tube head first.  This was my fourth or fifth time in the big donut.  I hate it every time but I do manage by always keeping my eyes closed and concentrating on the music in the headphones.  Even the banging of the machine is somewhat comforting to me in the darkness.  Anyway, it looks like I'm headed for a cortisone injection in the near future for rotator cuff tendinitis and bursitis.  I think my doctor expected to find more from the MRI and, depending on how the shot works out, we may have to take another look at what's going on in my neck.  The pain seems to have lessened - or else I'm getting used to it - but the numb and tingly is still happening often.

So that's it for now, my arm keeps falling asleep.  Just know that my condition is not fatal, just a bother, but I reserve the right to complain sometimes.  It's my site, after all.


delcatto said...

You're a braver man than me going into that machine. I can empathise with you as my left arm ramps up the pins and needles when I type hence fewer blog posts from me. At least the discomfort is preferable to the alternative of no feeling or loss of the use of my arm. Small comfort I know but hopefully yours will gradually improve. I know we are't meant to grumble but sometimes it helps.

Scoakat said...

This is my second time with the tingly arm, the first ended up in neck surgery. Sounds like there is hope the shoulder shot will help this, but more likely I'll end up in the tube again for my neck, and then probably neck surgery again. I'm not trying to be pessimistic, but it's not my first rodeo.